We specialize in the cultivation of open field roses in C3,5l, C4l and C5,5l pots.

  • All rose stocks have the AA quality and 3-5 primary branches.
  • Our roses are blooming in the garden abundantly already in the year of their planting.
  • The assortment includes over 50 varieties of flower bed, ground cover, park, climbing and nostalgic roses.
  • The assortment contains carefully selected varieties from the world’s best plant breeders (Kordes, Tantau, Meilland, Poulsen, NIRP, Interplant).
Rosa ‘Friesia’ C3,5
Rosa ‘Jasmina’ C5,5 120cm
Rosa ‘Dominica’ C4
Rosa ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ C4
Rosa ‘Mauritius’ C4
Rosa ‘Capri’ C4